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Batteries, Tell me more!

The variety of batteries on the market are growing rapidly and as with all products we recommend you research what you’re committing too.

We recommend Tesla, Power Plus and LG Chem as reliable battery manufacturers. These brands can withstand our tough conditions, all come with 10 year warranties.

  • Tesla is our Number 1 solution for Residential Hybrid solutions with a neat and tidy design, easy to use monitoring and it also has a stackable feature for growing families. They can also be relocated with you if you move properties too!
  • Power Plus batteries are Australia made and Owned and come with a battery cabinet in 4,6,8 and 12 module options. This is an expandable battery storage option.
  • LG Chem They come in two sizes, 6.5kwh and 9.5kwh. Paired with a SolarEdge inverter they are a reliable off-grid or hybrid option.

With this functionality comes a price tag that isn’t always the best solution for your household as they can take a long time to payback. For hybrid residential systems we often recommended installing a tailored system and then waiting 6-12months to see how your bills have changed, you can always add a battery later as all our solar systems are installed battery ready.