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Rebates; Home Battery Scheme

Battery rebates are available via the SA “Home Battery Scheme” but are based on an allocation in each level of the scheme. When the number of allocations have been exhausted it then steps down to the next rebate level.

When we quote we use the current level of subsidy available, Keep in mind that as you take time to consider your option the level may drop.

Applications can be valid for 6-18 Months depending on your application (extensions have been granted for new builds with delays).


  • Yorke Solar starts the rebate application with Plenti Australia
  • You are then sent an application link to confirm and complete any additional information.
  • The claim is approved/ declined.
  • If approved, upon completion of installation Yorke Solar confirm the details of the system installed within the portal
  • A confirmation link is sent to you to complete the rebate application.

Its ok, we are here every step of the way.

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