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Got questions?

How long after receiving my quote will you install my new solar system?

You will receive a call from our installation team within 2 business days of accepting your quote to arrange installation at your earliest convenience.

Do I need an internet connection?

This is only if your installation is not on the building where the meter board is located/ you already have a Smart Meter installed:

The internet is required for you to comply with the Smarter Home regulations that were implemented in SA on 28/09/2020. This means that all homes with Solar PV systems that are connected to the grid need to have a nominated Relevant Agent appointed that has the authority to remotely control your systems export into the grid in case of a grid failure or voltage issue in your area. The Relevant Agent will dial into your inverter and turn the export to Zero. The system will still generate PV to your home for its consumption but it will not export the excess into the grid until the relevant Agent has been given the “All Clear” from SA Power Networks/ the Department for Energy and Mining to resume exports.

For more information on these regulations please visit: