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Hybrid Solar System

Uninterruptable power A professionally designed hybrid solar system can safely disconnect your house from the grid in the event of a power outage, it will then use the Stored battery power to ensure you can continue your day as planned. The bliss of being the only house in the street with the lights on, the TV blaring, the fridge humming and the beers cold. Or simply just being able to see in the dark.
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Grid Connected Solar

Want to add some value to your home and Like to have an electricity company pay you for power. A grid connect system will allow you to eliminate or reduce your power bills for an affordable price.
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Off Grid Solar Systems

The location of rural and remote areas can create a significant problem regarding electricity, Having an Off Grid supply means you have one outlay and then your powered up to enjoy your life!
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Why go Solar?

Solar panels generate free electricity from the sun for use around your home, helping to combat greenhouse gas emissions.

After installation, you can start generating free electricity and your panels will begin to pay for themselves.

Use the energy around your own home or sell surplus power back to the grid through a feed-in tariff.

Pay for your system as you go with our Plenti loans.

By choosing Yorke Solar, you are supporting a local family business.


Stylish Black 8.2kw system with 34 370w Trina Panels teamed with an 8.2kw Fronius inverter export limited to 5kw to the Grid. This system keeps this family BILL FREE and even gives them pennies in…

Parsons Beach

This is a neat system comprising of 12 Seraphim 370W panels (3.96kw) and a 5kw Sungrow inverter. This home had minimal space and needed to be designed to install on the front of the home…