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Go solar today and start saving.

We install Stanley Flat solar power systems.

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Solar Quotes Stanley Flat

Two things you can Rely on:

Power Bills Increasing

The Sun Rising

With these certainties in life, it makes perfect sense to harness the power of the sun and SAVE!

Stanley Flat SOLAR Panels

Powering Stanley Flat With Renewable Solar Energy

South Australia-Wide

Supplying & installing solar systems to the Yorke Peninsula, Fleurieu Peninsula & greater metro Adelaide.

Experienced Team

Benefits from our team’s 35 years combined experience. Knowledge & expertise you can trust.

Powering The State

The Yorke Solar team have successfully completed hundreds of solar installations across SA.

Tailored Solutions

We specialise in tailored solar energy systems to meet your property or businesses requirements.

Reduce Your Power Bills

If you need to reduce your bills or never want an electricity bill again we have the system for you.

Solar Power Experts

Whether it’s Grid connect, Off-Grid or a Hybrid power supply, we can make it happen.

Stanley Flat SOLAR POWER

Hybrid Solar Systems

We supply solar power to Stanley Flat! Our mission is to help you enjoy uninterruptable power anywhere in South Australia! Solar systems can be integrated into existing electrical frameworks to provide more flexibility for your household. A professionally designed hybrid solar system can safely disconnect your house from the grid in the event of a power outage. Our solar systems use the stored battery power to ensure you can continue your day as planned. When you choose our solar service, you will experience the bliss of being the only house in the street with the lights on, the TV blaring, the fridge humming and the beers cold. Or simply just being able to see in the dark.

Solar Power Stanley Flat

Grid-Connected Power

Do you want to go solar in Stanley Flat? York Solar can help you add value to your home and eliminate or reduce your power bills for an affordable price. Take the advantage of our superior solar systems and have an electricity company pay you for power. With about 91 days of sunshine per year, solar panels can produce plenty of clean energy. Grid-connected solar systems allow you to generate renewable energy during sunny periods and feed excess power back into the grid. You can use stored electricity for your needs without any extra costs.  Even if you need more energy, you will still save because the company will ask you to pay only for the difference between what you produced and what you used. Call us today to find out why we have the best solar deals.

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Off-Grid Solar Power

Do you live off-grid? Solar power is the perfect solution for your household. We know that settling in rural and remote areas can create a significant problem regarding electricity. Having an off-grid supply means you have one outlay and that you are powered up to enjoy your life! Our adapted systems will help you supply your home with energy without bearing the costs of connecting to the grid. Call us because we know how to make the most of solar.

Solar Battery Stanley Flat

Need Financing For Your Solar Power? Weekly Solar Repayments From Only $25

Going solar has never been cheaper! At Yorke Solar, we offer the best rate solar power Stanley Flat has to offer because we use Plenti as a financing partner. They offer flexible loan terms from 3 years to 7 years for loans between $2,001 and $45,000. Get the right repayment fit for your Adelaide solar-powered home. We guarantee no early repayment fees because nobody has ever said ‘yes please’ to fees. Call us today to find out more about our affordable solutions for solar energy.