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Solar System Installations on the Yorke Peninsula 

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5 kW Grid Connect

  • 20 x 330W black mono panels
  • at least 20m2 of roof space
  • all black clenergy rail
  • 20kW per day (estimate)

8.2 kW Grid Connect

  • 33 x 330W panels
  • at least 30m2 of roof space
  • suits medium to large households

10 kW 3 Phase Grid Connect

  • 40 x 330W panels
  • at least 45m2 of roof space
  • suits large households

5kW Grid + 5 kW  Battery 

Hybrid System

  • 40 x 330W panels
  • LG Chem 9.8kW Lithium Battery
  • at least 45m2 of roof space
  • suits large households

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Solar Systems to meet your needs

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A custom tailored system that will ease your electricity bill stress.

Are you thinking of going off-grid?

Sick of the power bills and not getting the service you’re paying so much for?

We specialize in: Hybrid Solar (solar with grid storage) and Off-Grid solar applications. 

Whether you need: Residential, Commercial, Farm or Agricultural, the technology is here and it’s never been a better time to take advantage of it.

Feel the freedom of having your own power generated from the sun.

We can tailor the right system to suit your specific requirements and needs. 

Some of our installs

5.4kw Stansbury

5kw Port Victoria

10kw Off-Grid Solar System

65kW Inman Valley

4.2kW Moonta

Yorke Solar

Quality Solar System installations accross South Australia

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