We’ve Completed Hundreds Of Installs Across South Australia

Our clients know why we are the most reliable SA solar power experts. Take a look at the photos of completed South Australia solar projects!

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Recently the Yorke Solar team set off to a local Balaklava farmer’s property to provide him with an off-grid solution to power his grain shed, which he was using a 30kva generator to supply.

Products used for this Off Grid installation:

  • 5 Powerplus 4kw Eco Battery installed in a Battery Cabinet
  • 1 Selectronic SP Pro 482 series Inverter Charger 48V 7.5kw and a Select Live wifi connection
  • 13.3kW Trina 370W panels
  • Fronius 8.2kw Primo Inverter

Kangaroo Island

What a spectacular place on earth and no better place to have a state of the art Off-grid system installed. This off grid system with ground mounted panels for a rural property in Kangaroo island will be self sufficient for years to come.

Yorke Solar recently set sail to the stunning Kangaroo Island. Here’s a video of a Hybrid Tesla PWII installation and 2 Off-Grid installations in rural parts of the Island. As you can see our team takes pride in the quality of our work.

Sometimes we need power in the most rural and isolated places because that is where true beauty lies… Yorke Solar will make sure the sun never sets on your properties potential.


This 6kw system will be producing some excellent returns in the beautiful location of Coobowie for years to come. No shade and installed on a double storey property near the beach. This is the life! 20 Trina Honey panels and a 6kw Fronius Primo inverter. No bills here!

1adelaide solar panels


This home now has a shiny new investment and the owner couldn’t be happier! 18 Seraphim panels and a 5kw premium Fronius Primo inverter. No more stressing over her power bills and more pennies for lunch dates with friends!

adelaide solar

Stansbury II

This neat and tidy 10kw system in Stansbury will produce some serious credits. Comprising of 36 Seraphim panels and a 10kw Fronius Symo inverter. Say goodbye to your electricity bill!

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5kw System installed on a dream shed comprising of 18 Seraphim panels and a Fronius Primo inverter. No shade and no bills here!

kadina 1 solar

Kadina I

When the suns up the Solar during the day will be cancel out any usage in the house and charge the battery back up from previous night. After that the system will feed into the grid and produce FIT credit against you bill. When the sun goes down the battery will be used as the main power source until the battery runs down to 20% left of discharge then any excess use will be drawn from the grid at the standard rate set by the energy provider.

Yorke Solar Kadina 2 02

Kadina II

Stylish Black 8.2kw system with 34 370w Trina Panels teamed with an 8.2kw Fronius inverter export limited to 5kw to the Grid. This system keeps this family BILL FREE and even gives them pennies in the piggy bank. Looks great too!

Yorke Solar Maitland 10

Maitland II

This installation comprises of one of our top quality Yorke Solar Power Cubes for a complete off grid solution. This is a fully Air Conditioned converted Shipping Container Including 90 Twin Peak 325w Panels Array total of 29.250kw. An 8.2kw Fronius inverter plus a Selectronic Inverter Charger Upgrade. 2x SP PRO 482 48v-240 7.5kw each total of 15kw Continuous and 30kw peak ( new power chain system ) 1x Select live app dongle Battery System: 15x 4 kwh Powerplus Eco Batteries + 20 Module Cabinet Total of 60kwh of storage Capacity (2 days autonomy) This will keep the lights on!

Yorke Solar Maitland 02 1 680x550 1

Maitland I

Tesla Powerwall II installed in a recessed wall and surrounded by LED lights to make this project shine.

Yorke Solar Stansbury Caravan Park 03


This 30kw System installed in the Stansbury Caravan Park comprises of 96 Trina Solar 370W panels. A Fronius 27kw ECO Inverter and some amazing workmanship.

IMG 8983

Bluff Beach

This is a Grid Connect 5kw (6.6kw panels) system comprising of 18 Trina Solar 370w panels and a Fronius 5kw inverter. This system is split over the main residence and the shed adjacent to maximise the systems production potential. Nifty!

Yorke Solar Port Vincent 02

Port Vincent

This 13.2kw system comprises of 36x 370W Seraphim Panels and 2x 5kW Fronius inverters. This will keep them bill free!

Yorke Solar Parsons Beach 01

Parsons Beach

This is a neat system comprising of 12 Seraphim 370W panels (3.96kw) and a 5kw Sungrow inverter. This home had minimal space and needed to be designed to install on the front of the home to maximise production. Looks fantastic and will keep the bills down for years to come.

Booleroo install 2 edited


Designed to deliver unmatched reliability and sustainability, our system features Trina 440w panels, Fronius inverters & PowerPlus batteries. 

KI Install 2

Kangaroo Island

Installation at Kingscote Medical using Trina 440w panels, Fronius Inverters and a Tesla Powerwall, giving them the power to provide their community with exceptional medical services.

Hybrid install

Hoskin Corner

Our Trina All Black Panels + Clenergy All Black Rail & Hardware make this install look seamless. Fronius inverter + Tesla Powerwall II make this install one of our favourites.