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We are sure you know that solar systems installers must be licenced professionals. Don’t leave things to chance and hire experienced solar system installers from renowned Australian solar companies. Yorke Solar has a team of qualified experts who can ensure that the panels, batteries and other components are properly installed and connected to the grid. We are the most sought-after solar providers offering a full range of services. Call us if you need to buy, install or repair a solar system.

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The Best Solar Company Adelaide

Out of all the solar companies in Adelaide, Yorke Solar offers the most comprehensive service, including professional solar panel installation. Adelaide households and businesses choose us because we offer a combination of quality products, superior customer service and expert solar installation Adelaide-wide and beyond. Whether you need a grid-connected or off-grid for any private or commercial property, we will have you covered! Our Adelaide solar installers are trained to adhere to Australian standards and overcome any possible challenges that could be standing between you and a stable source of renewable energy. Call us to discuss your needs and learn more about our solar installers Adelaide.


Let Us Take the Stress Out of Solar Installations

Handling expensive renewable energy systems requires professional care and attention to detail. At Yorke Solar, we take this job seriously and we take the time to assess your property before we get on to work. As one of the most prominent Adelaide solar companies, we work only with the best professional electricians who are fully licenced and skilled to instal solar panels, batteries and accompanying components to SA properties. Long-term solutions are our priority, so you will never hear that our solar systems had to be replaced only a few years after the installation. Call us if you need trustworthy solar panel installers Adelaide.

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We Are Your Local Solar Suppliers Adelaide

When you type “solar providers near me” in your browser, we will come up in your research. That is because we are your trusty local suppliers and installation experts with huge experience in fitting out South Australian homes with durable and efficient solar systems. You can fully rely on us for professional installations because we offer fair prices and we guarantee to respect all the legal and industry requirements while adapting the system to your individual needs. Call Yorke Solar, and find out why we are widely known as one of the best solar companies Adelaide has to offer.

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