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Electrical Services

We do more than just Solar. Our qualified electricians at Yorke Solar are skilled in taking on large and complex electrical jobs. From new builds to renovations and everything in between, we ensure your electrical needs are met with professionalism and excellence.

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New House Wiring

At Yorke Solar, we offer an all-encompassing service for new house wiring. Our approach encompasses the meticulous design, installation, and ongoing maintenance of electrical systems in newly constructed homes. We prioritise safety, efficiency, and compliance with Australian standards, ensuring your home’s electrical setup is future-ready and adheres to the highest quality benchmarks.

New House Wiring Safe and Efficient New House Wiring
Underground Cabling and Upgrades

Underground Cabling & Upgrades

We specialise in underground cable installation, offering a safer, more reliable, and aesthetically pleasing alternative to overhead wiring. Our method minimises disruption and adheres to strict safety protocols. We also upgrade existing systems to enhance capacity and performance. Trust us for top-quality underground cabling that improves safety, reliability, and property appearance.

Electrical Upgrades

We’re committed to elevating the standard of your existing electrical systems. Our electrical upgrades focus on enhancing safety, boosting efficiency, and expanding functionality. Whether it’s modernising outdated wiring or integrating new technology, our skilled team ensures your electrical infrastructure is up-to-date and meets contemporary needs.

Electrical upgrades

New Connections

Establishing new electrical connections with precision and expertise is a hallmark of our service at Yorke Solar. We seamlessly integrate new connections into your property, ensuring compatibility and smooth operation within the existing electrical layout. Our solutions cater to both residential and commercial properties, offering reliability and quality.

New Connections Update
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Shed Power

Yorke Solar provides bespoke electrical solutions for powering sheds. Our services are tailored to meet specific power requirements, ensuring safe and reliable electricity for your outdoor structures. Whether for storage, workshops, or recreational spaces, we deliver customised solutions that align with your needs.

Farm Power

Recognising the unique electrical demands of agricultural operations, we offer specialised solutions for farms. Our farm power services are designed to support the varied and robust electrical needs of rural properties, ensuring efficiency and reliability in all farming activities.

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Meter Box Upgrades

Upgrading your meter box is crucial for maintaining safety and accommodating modern electrical demands. Our meter box upgrades provide enhanced safety features, improved reliability, and compatibility with current electrical standards. Trust Yorke Solar to bring your meter box up to the latest safety and performance specifications.

Meter Box Upgrade

Split Systems

Our expertise extends to the installation and maintenance of split systems, offering efficient and effective temperature control solutions for your property. From selecting the right model to professional installation and regular maintenance, Yorke Solar ensures your split systems operate at peak efficiency, providing comfort and energy efficiency.

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