Yorke Solar FAQ


Our team are local to the Yorke Peninsula to ensure we can service your needs as soon as possible.

We have created an Adelaide Metro team to support the personal growth of our employee’s.

We have close ties to Kangaroo Island with property and family on the Island. We actively support the island sponsoring local sporting clubs and volunteering for the CFS.

We do not subcontract any of our work but are subcontractors to other larger companies in SA.

We truly are locals serving locals, and proud of it!

You will receive a call from our installation team within 2 business days of accepting your quote to arrange installation at your earliest convenience.

First point of call is to refer to your user manual to see if its a local error e.g. network connection or power interruption. If its something more complicated either call the Inverter manufacturer or call us and we will be able to assist you on the steps to move forward.

We provide full after sales support from connection to your solar monitoring, help with smart meter upgrades and then regular servicing and cleaning of your panels on request.

YES, Both for consumption monitoring and it is required for you to comply with the Smarter Home regulations that were implemented in SA on 28/09/2020. This means that all homes with Solar PV systems that are connected to the grid need to have a nominated Relevant Agent appointed that has the authority to remotely control your systems export into the grid in case of a grid failure or voltage issue in your area. The Relevant Agent will dial into your inverter and turn the export to Zero. The system will still generate PV to your home for its consumption but it will not export the excess into the grid until the relevant Agent has been given the “All Clear” from SA Power Networks/ the Department for Energy and Mining to resume exports.

For more information on these regulations please visit: https://www.sapowernetworks.com.au/data/308418/embedded-generation-regulatory-changes-for-smarter-homes/

The variety of batteries on the market are growing rapidly and as with all products we recommend you research what you’re committing too.

We recommend Tesla, Power Plus and LG Chem as reliable battery manufacturers. These brands can withstand our tough conditions, all come with 10 year warranties.

  • Tesla is our Number 1 solution for Residential Hybrid solutions with a neat and tidy design, easy to use monitoring and it also has a stackable feature for growing families. They can also be relocated with you if you move properties too!
  • Power Plus batteries are Australia made and Owned and come with a battery cabinet in 4,6,8 and 12 module options. This is an expandable battery storage option.
  • RedEarth‘s solar & battery storage systems give you the choice of both Off Grid and Hybrid modular storage options. Australian-made, solar on-grid and off-grid battery systems. A popular Hybrid solution is an all-in-one system with an outdoor rating, SunRise Mini comes pre-wired with all AC, DC, and PV cables, switchgear, EPS contactor and batteries up to 12.3kWh storage.
  • The Redback Smart Battery is the perfect upgrade to your existing solar system. Available in 7.2kWh, 9.6kWh and 14.2kWh storage capacities.
  • The Sungrow battery system is a stackable modular design which a single person can install. It consists of stackable battery modules each 3.2kWh in capacity (100% usable energy). Simply stack the modules on top of each-other and there is no wiring involved. Inbuilt plugs in each module connect together as they are stacked. *Only works in conjunction with a Sungrow Hybrid inverter*


With this functionality comes a price tag that isn’t always the best solution for your household as they can take a long time to payback. For hybrid residential systems we often recommended installing a tailored system and then waiting 6-12months to see how your bills have changed, you can always add a battery later as all our solar systems are installed battery ready.

Yorke Solar’s installation team have a huge variety of skills and years of experience, as a team we have completed many rural, off-grid, hybrid and commercial grid connect systems.

Check out our website, You Tube channel and Facebook page for examples of our work.

Click on this link to begin your application for a Green Loan with Plenti Australia. A representative will call you to discuss your application in more details within 3 working days.

All of our products have been selected for quality and reliability in our Australian conditions. We have multiple options to ensure that we cater for all budgets and situations. GoodWe and Sungrow (made in China) Inverters are an affordable but reliable solution with high warranty periods. Fronius Inverters (made in Austria) are the premium product for the industry.

All these inverters offer a 10 Year warranty (Conditions may apply see manufacturer T&C’s).

To keep things simple we use the same panels for all of our standard packages but we can offer other brands or higher Watt panels on request or if the PV design requires.

If you have a product preference that we have not selected in your quote please let us know and we create a custom solar solution with that preference in mind.

When purchasing a solar system, the quality of the components to be used is frequently a key consideration. However, differentiating one brand from another may not be so simple, especially in the case of solar panels, of which there are hundreds of brands on the Australian market. The terms ‘Tier 1’, ‘Tier 2’, and ‘Tier 3’ are often heard with regard to solar panel manufacturers as a way of distinguishing the Top from the Average. Yorke Solar pride ourselves on using Top Quality Tier 1 products that have been tried and tested to work in Australia’s tough climates.

The Relevant Agent is appointed by you and will initiate control of the export of the inverter as directed by the SA Government or other party with a lawful authority such as SA Power Networks.

For more information please visit: https://www.sapowernetworks.com.au/industry/relevant-agent/

API Connection to your inverter is a way for your Relevant Agent in most cases SA Power Networks to be able to remotely dial in to the inverter to turn to exports to zero in order to comply with the SA Smarter Homes Regulations.

This relies on a WIFI internet connection to the inverter. This is achieved by using your homes WIFI broadband internet or by purchasing and installing a mobile broadband dongle just for the inverter.

Starting from July 1, 2023, a new way to export into the grid is available, Dynamic Exports, giving solar owners the choice between a steady export limit of 1.5kW per phase or a more flexible approach that swings between 1.5kW to 10kW per phase. The flexible scheme will have your inverter touching base with the SAPN’s utility server every 15 minutes to get the latest on export limit info, which means a rock-solid WIFI connection is a must-have. If you can’t get online during installation, the system’s set up for self-consumption only, with no grid export.

SAPN will keep updating their website to let you know where the flexible exports are available as they are rolled out across South Australia. If you’re in a spot that doesn’t have Dynamic Exports yet and you install a new or upgraded system after July 2023, the existing 5kW/phase export limit will apply. When the flexible option is available in your area anyone with a compatible inverter can switch over. In places where the trial’s been rolled out, most of the time you’ll be able to hit up to 10kW, but this can vary with more solar panels getting installed and network changes.

SAPN’s also on the case to upgrade their eligibility checker tool, adding in info on expected export levels from the last year, specific to your location. For a more comprehensive insight at Dynamic Exports, check out SAPN’s website or watch their webinar on the given links. And if you’re still scratching your head, give our team at Yorke Solar a call on 08 7111 0780 or send us an email at [email protected]. We’re here to lend a hand!